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Graphical issues, notably the dock.


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I just successfully installed ideneb 1.4 on my Desktop and everything seems to run great so far.


I am having a couple problems however.


My dock, for some reason, won't animate. I set it to magnify, and it just, won't. I tried the hide dock option, and when i click on the bottom of the screen, it pops up, even magnifying where my cursor was. But no animation after that, the same spot just stays magnified. My GFX card seems to report more VRam than it actually has, but i don't belive this to be the problem, though i'm trying to obtain something more graphics intensive for my system to test it anyway.


and, slightly unrelated. When i click a selection on the top bar, then click another, it appears and dissapears immediately. as well, submenus don't automatically pop up. I can handle a few bugs, But I'm so close to working out the kinks that i have to give it a shout out.


Do any of these problems seem familiar to anyone?

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