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Installation Problem Jas 10.4.6


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At first my hardware configuration:

Mainboard: ASRock 775Twins-HDTV, Radeon Xpress 200i

CPU: Intel Pentium D 805 (Dual Core)

Ram: 512MB DDR 333

Soundcard: Soundblaster Live Value

GPU: I use the onboard one

HDD: 10GB don´t know the manufacturer


Now my Problem. I got the Jas 10.4.6 Installation DVD. It boots up and i press any button to install. Now i can see the apple icon and below there is another icon which is moving clockwise. It´s the same for about 30 minutes. I have read on the compatibility page that the xpress chipset is working.

The dvd drive isn´t spinning so i guess it´s doing nothing...


When i try to install with -v it says "Still waiting for root device" all the time.

My Drives are jumpered correctly. What´s the problem?

HDD: Primary Master

DVD Drive: Secondary Slave


Now my question is: Is it normal that it take that long ?! (i have read that it takes long, about 10 minutes, but that long?!) Do i have to do something else to get it working? Please help me as fast as possible if you have any useful hints.


PS: I would like to use that machine as my primary one with macos and if there is a way i am not willing to install windows =) At this very special moment i am writing at my brothers laptop so quick responses would be very very nice.



Thanks in advance

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at boot hits f8 and write "-v" no quote, tel uss 3 last line you see when it stop (not still waiting for root device)


when i hit F8 at boot it does the same (i can´t enter -v, it instantly loads the image discribed in my posting above)

note: it doesn´t matter if i open the dvd drive, it isn´t spinning and i don´t get an error message.

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try again, when you see the count down, hits F8, if it dont work try down arrow or enter


if it dont work it is becose your keyboard is not supported, take a ps2 keyboard


i switched to another ps2 keyboard (i think the f8 key on my old ps2 keyboard wasn´t working.


I have done what you told me but it keeps saying "Still waiting for root device"

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"still waiting for root device" the problem with your ide controller mac os cant see your hdd


Try to install native with Vmware workstation


I installed 10.4.6 with vmware i have the same problem with sis chipset but after install its working 100%

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"still waiting for root device" the problem with your ide controller mac os cant see your hdd


Try to install native with Vmware workstation


so i have to buy another mainboard ?!


if so please look at:

www.exacomp.at and tell me which ddr2 mainboard will be working ( i think i can change the mainboard for another)

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take motherboard with intel chipset best for mac os x is i915 chipset



i switched ide channels as following (all drives cable select - don´t know if that matters)

hdd: secondary master

dvd drive: primary master


thansk to "Viper_55" and his post about this problem


now the dvd drive spins and i got into the installation screen, i will tell you guys when i have finished what is working and what not.


thanks a lot


another question:

i would like to know if mac os x will use my dual core cpu out of the box or do i have to install something? Or isn´t it even working?


Next Problem:

I suddenly fell asleep during the installation progress. The next thing i could read was "Can´t load boot loader" or something like that.

Then i connected the hdd to primary master and it booted. I disconnected the dvd drive. Now macosx is booting up but there is an problem.


It doesn´t move on at the mac os x


"Starting Mac OS X..." Screen


The progress bar isnt moving forward....


slowly but for sure i am getting desperate :hysterical:


At the installation i selected the following packages:

-Intel Base Package

-SSE3 for Intel (or what it was called)


When i boot up with the "-v" command i get the following message:

"a link/load error occured for kernel extension /system/library/extenstions/audioipcdriver.kext"


Hmm, i disabled the onboard audio driver but it doesnt change anything, gonna try to remove the soundblaster live value


update: removed sb live value and enabled onboard audio (now i get no error when i start with the -v command but i get the same mac osx "Starting Mac OS X... screen.... - and the progress bar isn´t moving) I think it also needs mentioned that it takes ages from booting to this...


pleeaaase help me, i know that i am close to run it :hysterical:

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