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Dell XPS 1530 Laptop and Leopard 10.5.6


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So I've read all the guides here for this specific laptop (XPS 1530) and here is what's not working. Some of these people "claim" to have some of them working but my experience has been different.


- Sound: Internal Mic doesn't work. Everything works with sound except the internal mic.

- Wireless: intel 49xx doesn't have drivers so i bought a dell 1505N and it should hopefully work out of the box

- Sleep: Many claim with the VoodooUSBEhci.kext + Clamshell display the Sleep function works but that's not the case with me. The laptop seems to go to sleep occasionally but it comes out of sleep with a kernel panic or a blank screen.

- Touchpad: Apparently Voodoo has some kext that allows double finger swipe, but installing that causes a kernel panic at startup and totally messes up the keyboard too. So no solution here either

- Shutdown and restart: With nvinject + QE apparently these two never work and there will never be a solution for this. It's not a big issue on a laptop though, if the sleep function was working.



Anyone has insight or different solutions with the above problems? If I get the above issues fixed the hardware on this laptop is pretty much working 100%.

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