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USB disks and drivers problem

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I bought this external drive..

i connected it to my windows pc works fine..

mac doesn't work as dvd drive..

although in about this mac it is showed as:


Product ID: 0x0841

Version: 6.10

Velocity: Até 480 Mb/seg

Builder: TSSTcorp

Location ID: 0xfa200000

(mA): 500

Power required (mA): Unknown (the device hasn't been configured)


My cellphone E71 in USB Storage mode is not detected too..


According to my about mac i'm using this usb driver: AppleUSBUHCI

this is translated from my mother tongue..

I'm running vanilla kernel 10.5.6 with the hardware of the signature but with Gigabyte EP45-DS3P mobo


Help Please


EDIT: I don't understand..

my bios options are all for USB legacy and enabled and etc..

my pendrives and my ipod works..

i dont understand whats the matter

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