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Realtek 8101L [Resolved]


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Again, I thank these forums and the people who frequent them for their hard work. It's what got me this far.


Edit: I managed to fix this problem by, in a bust of intuition, installing the PCGenRTL driver, which is technically the wrong driver. My onboard LAN is now 100% supported. ;)


I've already posted here about my incessant hangs, which was "resolved" by adding the proper network driver. But by now I should know by know that fixed things don't stay fixed in that box. I guess I'm still stupidly thinking that a digital machine will act the same when given the same input. :D In reality, something has to have changed, but it pseudopanics*(see sig), leaving me in the dark about what failed. But I digress.


I have, according to the motherboard specs, a PCI RealTek RT8101L onboard LAN. The driver being used is the RealTek R1000, which claims to support various RealTek chips including 8101.


I can boot the system reliably if the onboard lan is disabled, so I know that it's the problem. With it on, however, the system hangs whenever it tries to talk the network device, which is normally during boot, caused by either ocspd or mDNSResponder. I originally suspected a driver mismatch, hence the installation of the new one, which did work, albeit slowly, for one install (or maybe more since I'm starting to reinstall if I even sneeze). But, of course, it's now magically "unfixed", and again it stays "unfixed" even when I do a clean install with what I believe is the same configuration that worked before.


Also possibly informative is that my current install didn't have the lan enabled during setup, so now System preferences detects it and asks that be configured. No matter what setting given, even "off", clicking apply will result in a pseudopanic.


Could anyone offer any advice other than "bang my head against it"? (With my luck, that will fix it for another boot, then never work again). Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

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