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No output devices found on EVGA 680i motherboard


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I got OS X working on my EVGA 680i nForce motherboard, with everything from SATA to onboard ethernet working. (These are issues that did not work in previous OS X 86 releases). I used iPC to install and it's been flawless and quite remarkable, as in the past there have been problems with older OS X 86 releases.


But, all those releases always had onboard audio working on my 680i!


Now, I can't figure out how to get audio working at all. I installed OSx86Tools and it finds the hardware (it says it is ALC888) and it claims that it installs the kexts, but when I reboot I don't have sound and it again finds the same hardware and tries to install it.


How do I get the onboard audio working on my 680i?

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