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iatkos 5 in vmware

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hey, I tried installing iatkos 5 exactly according to the usually used manual (http://arthjco.net/index.php?blog=1&blog=1&p=28&disp=single&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1) at first with OS=other, then even with "win nt" since that helped to some other guys... but my installation stops right at the beginning and I dont know whats wrong. i tried it with -v -f and here is the result.... it stops here:

http://is.muni.cz/www/99107/iatkos.jpg what should I do next? thanks

i tried installing the OS from both iso (mounting it directly in vmware, then even as "physical" drive, meaning mounting through deamen tools and telling vmware that the disc is the OS.... both methods end with the same problem? why does it say that the os is "read only"? that seems to be the problem...but I cant get past that

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