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iDeneb 1.4 freezes when loading desktop (after installation)


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Hello guys,


I'm almost there! I have been patiently trying to get different distros to work and never got past the boot screens. This time it's different: after the installation OSX boots and loads the post-installation. After I fill in all the information the desktop is trying to load. Sometimes I see just a blue screen and sometimes the desktop has partially loaded, but I can always move my cursor around. It never boots totally, not even in safe mode.

My hardware:

Asus P5L 1394

Intel Pentium Dual-Core E1800

2x 1GB of Corsair

8600GT 512MB

USB mouse and keyboard

2 SATA disks = 1 for Vista and 1 for OSX


In the iDeneb 1.4 installation I chose:

Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel

seatbel fix

NVinject 512MB


I hope someone can tell me more about this, I've looked all over the net and couldn't find anything similar.



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