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Dell Precision M4300 & Boot-132

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Does anybody have a good Boot-132 that is optimized for a Dell Precision M4300 (or Latitude D830)? I've installed on my M4300 using a generic Boot-132 and managed to get the full install and boot into the OS. The problem now is that alot of the devices are still not functional: sound, touchpad, internal keyboard, graphics tearing when moving windows around, etc.


I've tried manually updating kexts using OSXTools but not having much luck there. Everytime I add a kext, it corrupts my boot and I end up having to reinstall all over again. I'm hoping that somebody has a good Boot-132 that I could just use to get everything working. If not, a good step-by-step on what kexts I need to add and the best way to add these could help as well.


Thanks in advance.


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