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Realtek 8187B issue


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Hello members,

After extensive searching on this and other forums i've given up trying to make this device work. I simply can't.

I've tried several different drivers, hacking the deviceID on the plist from 3161 to 3175 to no avail, and even changing USB master drivers... It gave me nothing. I'm hoping an OSX expert can help me find a solution. I'll attach all possible information I can about the device, and please prompt me if you need anything else.


System info. capture on the driver:


Product ID: 0x8197

Vendor ID: 0x0bda (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.)

Version: 2.00

Serial number 00e04c000001

Speed: up to 480Mb/sec

Manufacturer: Manufacturer_Realtek

LocationID: 0xfd600000

500 mA


That's all the system can find.

I have Mac OSX Leopard 1.5.6, iPC distr.

The computer is a notebook, Toshiba L300. Yes, the 8187b is an integrated device, but it still shows up as an USB device.


The USB controller status is the following:

Host controller location: Integrated USB

Host controller driver: AppleUSBEHCI

PCI device ID: 0x2836

PCI device revision: 0x0003

PCI Vendor Id: 0x8086

Bus number (? i'm translating this): 0xfd


I can use any USB device, I even have external keyboards (Microsoft oO) and they work flawlessly. The many drivers I installed came with a realtek WLan utility, either Realtek WLAN or Realtek USB WLAN utility, but none of them work. The first one won't even show up at the dock, and the second will keep bumping on the dock forever and end up hanging, so the only thing I can do is force it to quit.


Well, that's all I can find. Again, please prompt if more information is needed.

Thanks in advance!

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Another thing I found out was that the OS won't recognize even the wired network device (which was working perfectly) if there was no cable plugged on the notebook... Maybe those issues are related? Is there a chance that the device drivers aren't being emulated by Chameleon(2.0 RC1)? Is there a way to load the drivers after the computer has booted, or force the detection somehow?

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