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Ways to Dual boot - OS X first then XP. need help

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I am not very knowledgeable in the dual boot subject, so i need some assistance.

Having the intention of dual booting, i set up my hard drive in the following way.


I have one hard drive. 640 gb.


i installed os x leopard and while doing that, i made 3 partitions with disk utility, during the time i was installing leopard.


partition 1 = mac os x 45gb (this is my drive for mac os)

partition 2 = FAT32 shared drive to share my files between windows and mac. 75gb

partition 3 = free space (i left this for windows) 450gb


so now what action should i take to install xp and be able to boot both of them.

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I installed in this order:

Vista, OSx86, Windows 7 Beta, and then reinstalled in that order a million times for driver testing :).

But, here's what you can do, if you have OS X installed and working, download easyBCD and add a mac, genericx86 PC boot entry. If that doesn't work right away PM and I can try to help, though I did vista not XP so I don't know if its different. Though I do know one thing, Vista was stubborn as hell, if Mac was installed, it didn't want anything to do with that free space, so I had to install windows 7 last to fix it so I could use the Windows boot manager, and not the Darwin boot loader.


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Hi thebestguru333,


Could you tell me what format the drive partiton tables is? GUID or MBR?


@gymnastdaniel5 & sunyooh

Could you tell me how to install XP after OSX on a GUID partiton with the setup thebestguru333 has?


All the best



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