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On live mac (install dvd iDeneb) usb/trackpad mouse works perfect, then only trackpad, now screwed.. plz help :-p


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On the install screen, the logitech mouse + trackpad work perfect.


Then after installation:

First I thought, damn, USB isn't working, because nothing happens when I plug in the USB receiver. Then I tested with some UBS flash drives and hard discs and they all work fine.

I also installed the logitech LCC Connection Utility, when I launch that, it says first plug in the receiver, which I already did off course..

I wanted to fix scrolling on my trackpad (synaptics) so I followed I guide here on the forum which made me remove the trackpad kext out of the ApplePS2controller.kext, now when I boot mac, no keyboard, no mouse And a big error saying the ApplePS2Controller.kext wasn't installed properly and has to be reinstalled. Which is pretty hard without any input devices :-p

I repaired the disk permissions with the iDeneb install disk's disk utility but that didn't help.


I have a dual boot machine, Windows with macdrive installed so i can get to the system files of my hackintosh with ease.


Any suggestions of what to do next? :)

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