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Virtual Box /Fusion all crash


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I am trying to run XP on a Virtualisation package under a vanilla OSX 10.5.6 installation, using the EFI boot partition method...


XP installs fine, it runs fine ...

but installing XP SP3 crashes the OS X Kernal... so does installing other software sometimes...

What is going on ???

Has anyone seen this ???

I am desperate thanks...



Pentium Dual Core 1.8 GHZ


SATA Drives...


OS X Is totally solid, Time machine works etc...

No Crash logs appear...

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I'm not sure if this is for VMWare only but I think your kernel must be named mach_kernel, it can't be mach_kernel.voodoo for example.


Try renaming the kernel, you can do so from terminal. Can't hurt anything.


I don't think you have to reboot. But, if needed, make sure to modify the boot.plist accordingly before you do.

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