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Dell Vostro 1500 cpu meter showing one core working?


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So I've installed iatkos i4 and have been using it w/out a hiccup. Now after I installed Logic Studio and Ableton, I only see one side of the CPU meter working. I know the other core isn't doing it's thing because I'm also running AU plugins and it seems that the CPU is just running out of steam too soon. I open one instance of Native Instruments Massive and 3 other plugins (eq's,compressor and delay) and it's already using 90% of my cpu. Now I know some NI stuff is resource hungry but no way can it use both cores that much just from 4 plugins. Should I have installed the dual core kernel that I got in a package I acquired from here? I read through the Vostro mega thread and nothing in there helps out my situation. Everyone is claiming both cores to work so I'm not getting it here. :(

I've also gotten some monitoring software but it says both cores are @ 50c even when they are heavily used. I'm guessing the software is reading it wrong.

Dell Vostro 10.5.4 (vanilla)

1.4ghz core 2 duo

2gb 667mhz



NVM both cores are working. Just too much stress on the cpu not having a sound card to process audio

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