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Install Chameleon Using Linux?

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Well, as a newb at all things Apple, I had the genius idea to install Chameleon v2.0RC1 onto my computer when it was working fine so that I could see the nice little icons (D'oh!) using the installation package on their website. Used it, and then I restarted it.


Got (something like this):

Boot0 MBR

Boot0 Done

Boot1 Error _ (_ is blinking)


Stays that way until I force shutdown.


Clearly, I screwed it up to a royal degree. (Or did I not?)

I haven't tried to boot up Windows (don't see the point), so the only thing I can do at this point is boot GParted or Ubuntu from live CDs. I'm wondering if anybody knows if you can install Chameleon from Linux, or if there is some way that I can repair Chameleon or get another boot loader to install without having to reinstall OSX again (don't want to go through reinstalling XCode, MSOffice, Photoshop, iLife, 10.5.6, sound drivers, network drivers, etc. all over again). Any of you guys got any ideas???


If it matters, I have access to another computer (running XP), have a 160GB external HD, a 1GB flash drive that can be made bootable, and my HD is MBR (1=Vista x86 2=Leapord 10.5.6 3=Shared partition 4=HP Recovery)


I've lost my data twice already in the past 30 days (but on my Windows partition) and I'm flat out tired of it; I would appreciate any help at this point. Thanks!


EDIT: I figured out that I could use my iAtkos disc to just install the bootloader without anything else. It works great now. Sorry for the unnecessary thread, guys...

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