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Asus p5k-e help retail or iPC distro?


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Hi guys. i have been out of the x86 loop for a long time. i got myself a macbook pro and it works like a charm. however i still have my desktop which is

Asus p5k-e Wifi/AP

with an ATI 4870 graphics

an LG DVD drive and SATA HDs

now i would love to install mac server on my pc rig so i can play around with it.

i saw that iPC has a new distribution the 10.5.6 iPC-DL one which has also mac server on it.

now i downloaded it and tried to install it. i was lost with all the drivers i need to install so i left it basicall on default and installed only natif graphics driver everything else i left blank (not sure if that was ok)

so install runs smoothly and after that i get stock on the boot. it shows me the mac white screen with the circle but then it gets stuck and some other icon in the middle screen is apearing.


i dont know what i did wrong maybe it was the drivers i selected or in my case didnt select.

i was also reading about the boot 132 version to install from retail. well i have the server dvd retail and i have non server dvd retail (as i own a mac)

so i was thinking if it is possible to install with boot 132 the retail server version. if that is possible can someone let me know how to do it?

i downloaded 2 isos of boot 132 and burned them. 1 was for p5k-e boards and basically i boot from it and it gives me an error it just gets stuck

the 2nd iso was not changed and i was able to boot from it. after i changed the cd to the retail dvd and press enter it just doesnt do anything it goes back to ask me if i want to start with -v and so on. i hit enter and it asked me the boot device hex i just hit enter and back to the screen before. so nothing happens.

i really need some help i need to get this server going hope you guys help me!

thanks a lot

Mike :rolleyes:

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thanks for the tip, and honestly i did my search already.

following things i did not find.

Guide how to boot 132 with an asus p5k. easy step by step (probably will never find)

or guide which drivers to install from iPC distribution.


so thanks for the search and i went through it still didnt find the infos for me "noob"

some ppl have the skills to know what to do but they dont always have the skills to explain so that one who didnt spent hours and hours will understand.

Now i know osx86 is not for the faint of heart ppl. its a hardrocking community, but it i was 2 years ago part here more often and i know there are ppl out there who can explain very nicely what to do.


then also what i am interested in is what i shall do? boot 132 or iPC, kalyway, iDeneb,...

if distribution use why?

still thanks for your help.


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Intermediate to advanced knowledge is a requirement for following most of the guides. Even then, you have to read a lot.

I've been around for more than a year now, spending most of my hackintosh time reading, and I still don't understand half of what goes on around here. But you can find answers to most of it if you keep searching.


You can always use google if you come across some terms you are not familiar with. And always have your motherboard manual or a pdf copy at hand.


You should be able to follow the retail guides for P5K-SE, P5K-Pro or the P5K with WiFi with only minor modifications. There should be only small differences between yours and the other P5K series boards. Look up the specs if you have any doubts, just go to the main page of the P5K at the ASUS website and click specifications.


Here's another search:




Also make sure your BIOS settings are correct.


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