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dvd disk won't play - 10.5.6 is killing me


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Anyone have a clue as to why my dvds won't mount? It spins for 20 seconds and nothing happens (cd remains inside the drive) then if I open dvd player it says "supported disk not available". I try the same DVD on my macbook and works fine.


My system:

p35 motherboard, aitkos v5i apple upgrade to 10.5.6 (kept system and seatbelt from 10.5.5) voodoo kernel and chameleon boot loader


things I tried:

log in as root, fix disk permissions, installed chameleon 2.0


other related problems:

some of my DMG won't mount, iso images won't mount either, my clock is fast like a minute every 10 minutes.


my Extension folder:


Thank you so much for your time


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