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Seeking advice for laptop install (iphone dev)


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Hi all!


I'm looking to start doing some experimental iPhone dev and don't want to jailbreak my iphone so I've decided to give Mac OS a go. My home machine is a Sony VAIO FW11M and yesterday I had a go at dual booting leopard using iATKOS 1.0.


First attempt resulted in kernel crash during start up relating to CPU Power Management driver so I restarted the install, removed this in the customise section and installed again. After install I successfully booted into leopard, got on the internet and all seemed good.


iTunes prompted me to update 4 items but after installing the first and rebooting the OS now hangs and when booting with "-v" seems to stall at displaying the login screen. Any ideas what this problem is? Should I avoid updating in the future? (Is Apple cleverly bricking my OS because of it being unofficial?)


My laptop has an ATI HD3470 graphics chip inside and, when I could get into the OS, I couldn't select any other resolution than 1024*768, is it likely I will be able to get driver support for this chip and run at native res?


Largely it would just be great to get people's advice on what version of leopard I should battle on with to try and get working for my purposes and if there are any caveats I should be aware of? Should I try iATKOS 5.5i for example? (I'm not entirely sure of the differences...is it just an updated OS?)


I'm a very experienced PC developer and so I'm very eager to do some iPhone dev and if I find it floats my boat then I shall buy a MAC in the near future anyway, but for the moment I just want to play around on my laptop to make up my mind.


Thanks in advance for any help and advice!



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