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GetHostUUIDString error on new installation


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Hello everybody!


I am going to install a retail osx10.5.6 on my computer. I first installed the iPc 10.5.6 version.

I used the boot-132 cd to boot up my computer and then change the dvd to leopard. But just after i selected the language, the system show the message box that "can not install on the computer". I checked the log, found the message that "CFGetHostStringUUIDString:unable to determin UUID for Host error 35".


I searched a lot for that, but it seemed that other people met the problem after successfully installed the os x.


Then i restore the hole osx dvd to an partition, and boot from the partition ,same error as before. I went to the folder /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration, but could not find the file NetworkInterfaces.plist.


How could i do?



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