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video card drivers?


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ok i have an Asus P5k-vm and i got the ideneb 1.4 (10.5.6) running a few nights ago.


everything seems to be fine, sound, nic, all my drives, usb blah blah blah. all working. (took forever to finish)


my question is, how can i tell in MAC osx waht video card it thinks is installed?. do i have the correct drivers installed just because i can see stuff and play games?.


i am running a Quadcore cpu and a EN8800gt 1gb Video card. jsut wondering if i need to be concerned about drivers.





ok i have found where it tells me what video card i have, and it is pretty close.


it says i have a 8800gt 512mb card. when infact it is a 1gb card.


how do i cahnge that? or should i even bother

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