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Strange Problem Restoring A System


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I have a working 10.4.5 running on my athlon 64 box.


Its an MSI mobo, with an Nvidia 7800 GTX. All seems good.


In order to keep my system safe, I made a image of the boot partition using disk utility. This worked without problems, but I cant restore it.


To restore it, I boot from my install DVD and select Disk Utility. I can select the image to restore from, and the software tells me to drag the drive to restore to. I cant drag anything. It doesnt work. Instead of dragging it just multiple selects when you move the mouse away from the drive area.


If I load diskutil in OSX (ie not from the DVD) I can drag the drives fine.


Can anyone explain this? If I cant drag the target destination how can I restore the system? Any tools I can use to replace disk ultity?


Any help is apprecaited.

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