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Kernel @ Windows XP


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I just installed Kalyway's 10.5.1, i also use Windows XP (the dual boot is ok).


But when I boot on the mac os my keyboard is not detected. so i read about some solutions:


1) I cant use PS/2 keyboard+mouse, my mb only got one slot

2) tried to remove the usb mouse, same thing

3) boot -s -x -v = go in a command screen, but again no keyboard


how can i fix this?

i installed mac drive in my windows and now i can acess the mac partition, there's anyway for me edit those files and add some line to load or change some kernel?

most files open normaly on notepad


oh, what file is the nano /etc/rc from the tutorial? the rc.common? i edited it and added those lines but nothing changed hehe



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