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Help with Boot 132 and Broadcom 4318


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Please bear with me slightly here... any help much appreciated.


I have an Aria Extreme PCI wireless card (Airforce One - Broadcom 4318 chipset). I've managed to install Leopard with Boot 132 method.


During install the card is recognised natively by Leopard (airport symbol top right and can connect to wireless fine). Post install it is not recognised. I ran the Broadcom enabler script, since it just modified the info.plist I didn't worry too much about my retail Leopard install being affected too much. On reboot, nothing again, until I booted with -f flag in darwin prompt. Success! Or so I thought.


On every reboot, I have to boot with the -f flag for it to be recognised.


Now I am in position of wondering if I actually needed enabler script at all (why would card be ok during install but not post-install?) but also not understanding why I need -f flag at EVERY boot. I assumed (probably wrongly) it was a caching issue and deleted Extensions.mkext and also com.apple.kext.info (from Caches folder). The system rebuilt these fine BUT they still have the previous timestamp on them. I am now wondering if this could be the problem and how to get system to update these properly. Anyone able to say whether I might be along the right lines or is the timestamp a red herring and i'm missing something completely?


Oh, the IO80211Family.kext is not part of the Boot-132 disc extensions that are loaded by the look of it in case that's relevant.


Thanks for taking time to read.



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