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Does my hardware fit?


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First: Sorry for my bad english... :rolleyes:


I've got a problem: I don't know if my hardware works with an OSx86 OS... I loked at http://wiki.osx86project.org/ and that's what I know now:


1. My Geforce works with every 10.5.x, it's a 8800gts g92


2. My CPU (Q8200) works with 10.5.2 but I don't know if it works with the other 10.5.x


3. My Sound (ALC888) works with "ALC888audio.mpkg" (do you know what's that?).


4. My WLAN-Stick Netgear W111 works with "MacOS, Tiger, 10.4, 10.5 Driver 1117 UI 1.5.1"


That's it... I don't know if my motherboard/mainboard is supported: MSI P43 Neo-F (LGA775)...


My drives:


1. Music-HDD (IDE, ExcelStore Technology J680, 82GB, 3,5")

2. Systempartition (XP) + Programpartition (WD2500AAKS, 250 GB, 3,5")

3. Data-HDD (WD5000AACS, 500GB, 3,5")

4. Old Windows 7 Partition (WD1200BEVS, 120GB, 2,5")

5. IDE-CD/DVD-RW Burner (<--Is that the right word?^^) (TSSTCorp SH-S182M)


and: Can you recommend me an OSx86?



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