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Can't boot from USB drive; tried everything -- help

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My BIOS (system in my sig) supports booting from a USB drive. Leopard supposedly supports it -- but I've never been able to do it.


I have installed from the retail disks (no problem there) and have cloned the system. I have an almost new USB external case. I have tried both that disk and a cloned disk in that USB box and neither will BOOT the system. (Serial ATA drive.)


Is there anything extra I need to do? Something else I need to buy? Put something else on the hard drive to make it boot from the USB drive. (Please don't tell me that it's problems in my BIOS. I've tried everything setting there.)


I even tried booting from the 1-2-3 disk but it has no selection for a USB hard drive.


Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong -- if anything -- or if should just give up on the idea?





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