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Boot 132 - Image checksum error (Acer Aspire One 150)


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Hi everyone. I decided to post here because I've started banging my head against a wall and can't find a solution in the forums about this issue.


I decided to try an experiment and install iDeneb on my Acer, which works fine (I even swapped out the Atheros card for the Dell 1390 so WiFi works). Then I thought to myself "Hmm, I wonder if I could install a proper install from my OS X retail DVD by copying all the kexts that are working properly on this hackintosh the kexts folder in the Boot 132 iso maker..."


So, I did that on a friends MacBook and made the BOOT132.iso, burned a CD, and popped it into the external drive on my Acer Hackintosh.


However, each and every time I've tried this, I get this error:


ISOLINUX 3.63 2008-04-10 isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry


I'm out of ideas. I've checked for case sensitivity in the isolinux.cfg, and that's fine, too. Boot 132 simply isn't working for me; I've made at least 6 non-functioning boot CDs.


Does anyone out there have a working BOOT132.iso for an Acer Aspire One 150, or know how to resolve the checksum issue?

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