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Occasional kernel panics


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I installed iPC 10.5.6 on a HP DV 2120BR PC (HP 2000 -series).

Kernel Vanilla 9.6, all updates from Mac has been installed.


I got everything to work as it should, as far as I know...


- Intel Celeron 1.73GHz mobile (single core) and 1 GB memory

- Touchpad

- Keyboard

- Conexant HD audio

- Intel GMA 950 video (hardware accelerated with QE support) w/1280x800x32bit

- Broadcomm a/b/g Wireless

- Intel VE PRO/100 Ethernet

- Sleep mode

- Hibernate mode

- USB ports seems to work normal


The system seems to be working very well apart from a couple of keys on the keyboard that won't work, not sure why that is - I suspect maybe the ABNT2 pkg is not meant for laptops... I don't see that the PS2-fix should affect the actual layout of the keyboard.


Anyway, now to the issue. Apart from a machine that basically runs smooth and steady, occasionally (not very often) when I reboot or start up, it will kernel-panic. I switch the machine off, and it starts up again as if nothing has happened.


There is no consistency in the kernel panics, they just pop out of random air, mostly if I soft reboot.


I have seen a few errors (kexts that cant be loaded properly), and I have attempted to search to see if there is any connection there, but if it was, the kernel panics should have been consistently happening, right?


Anyway, did any of you guys/girls experience the same kind of problem?




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