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Mouse Keymapping - Productivity Enhanced

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i'm 100% sure i'm not the first person to think of this, but i just wanted to share my experience. i'm not a huge fan of the apple mouse, the scroll ball is very nice but the mouse itself seems to lack responsiveness, and the magic one button design although nice in theory in my experience doesn't always register right clicks.


one thing i discovered using my hackintosh, is that anyone with a multi-button mouse can take extreme advantage of the extra buttons otherwise not offered on an apple mouse.


i use the Razer DeathAdder (been using Razer's for years, they're very responsive and comfortable)



last night i decided to map Expose to my two side buttons on my DeathAdder. the button further back activates Expose All Windows, while the one close to the front activates Expose Display Desktop. i'm all about short cuts, and this simple change has enchanced my productivity two-fold. i'm sitting back: checking my mail, changes itunes songs, surfing the web, etc. all with one hand. i find this much easier and faster than OSX's default F9 assignment key.


again i know i'm not the first person to think of doing this, but honestly i wasn't even sure if OSX would recognize all my mouse buttons. anyway i just thought i'd throw this out there, for anyone who hasn't already thought of doing this. expose mapping can be easily found under System Preferences in the Expose menu.

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