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Parallels Workstation - 2.1 Beta 5 is out !

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Major Beta5 Fixes Include:


* Introduced USB support. Connect your favorite USB devices directly to a virtual machine! Learn more about USB Support...

* Introduced shared folders. Share files between Mac OS X and any Windows XP or Windows 2003 guest virtual machine! Learn more about Shared Folders Support...

* Support for dynamic screen resolutions. When a guest OS is selected, a list of available screen resolutions is dynamically populated with primary OS resolutions.

* Fixed keyboard mapping problems

* Fixed mouse pointer lag problem

* Better sound support

* Fixed problems with sleeping/waking up the primary OS when a VM is running

* Introduced the ability to resize a guest when switching to fullscreen mode

* Added optional "transition cube" animation for transitioning to and from fullscreen mode

* Fixed several kernel panics

* Added default network adapter for bridged mode

* Sound lag fixed

Known Issues:


* USB support problems:

o Right now, only USB flash drives work with virtual machines. USB device support will be expanded soon.

o You must eject the USB device from MacOSX before to connecting it to the guest OS

* The Shared Folders feature is not available for Windows 2000 guests, but will be soon.

* It is not possible to create subfolders in the Shared Folder inside a guest OS.

* It is not possible to remove a “read-only” file flag in the Shared Folder inside a Guest OS.


Haven't tested it out yet, but i'm impatient to try the USB and sound lag problem,


Post your experiences here ...

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