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Dell Studio 1737 Drivers


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I'm new to OSX86 so please forgive me if I ask any dumb questions! But I'm struggling with my first attempt at loading a new laptop...


I have have a Dell Studio 1737 with Vista as the main OS, but would really like to get OSX86 loaded on a partition too. I have got the dual booting working fine, and can swap between the operating systems with no problems, and can get a very basic installation of OSX working too. But the problem I'm having is getting the system running with all the drivers loaded. So far I have not managed to get anything like the Graphics card, Network Card, Wireless Card, Sound Card or touch pad etc working at all...


Has anyone had any experience with either loading a similar system or with any of the individual components, that I'll list below.


Intel Duo Core2 2GHz T6400 Processors

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 256mb (device id 9591)

IDT High Def Sound Card

Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet (I think it's a BCM 5874)

Dell Wireless 1397 (I think this is a BCM 4310/4322)

Ricoh OHCI 1394 Firewire

Dell Touchpad (I think it's an ALPS)

Ricoh SD Card Reader

Intel ICH9 Chipset


Sorry, I know it's a lot to ask for a newbie :( But I'm struggling to work out which options to check on the custom install.


I have tried a number of different versions of OSX86 including:


iATKOS r5i - OSX 10.5.5

iDENEB v1.3 - OSX 10.5.5

iPC OSX86 10.5.6 Universal PPF5

and lastly the current one is iDENEB v1.4 OSX 10.5.6


Any help would be very much appreciated... :rolleyes:


Sorry forgot to ask too...


Do I need the patches loaded, such as:







Thanks again...

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Hi Bro,


Infact, I've the same laptop as you have, and I'm trying to install OSx86 using iatkos v7. I wanted to know if you did manage to get OSx86 installed on Dell Studio 1737?


Looking for a reply,







Hey bud, did you get it working on your studio 1737, i've also been trying to get it running using iatkosv7 and no luck...the screen comes up all messed up when i boot the first time...obviosuly means the graphics driver fails hardcore... did you have any luck?

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Unfortunately, I gave up with this in the end... Not saying it couldn't be done without enough work and research. But I was trying it as a bit of an experiment more than anything else, so when it was giving me so much grief I just gave up!



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