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ExtFS problems


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I have installed ExtFS by Paragon and it worked like a charm. But now I have to repair the ext3 partition before I can mount it.


Usually it was after using Ubuntu I had to repair the Ubuntu partition before I could mount it. That was kinda understandable.


But now I have to repair it even if I didn't boot Ubuntu beforehand.


Also, the last repair came up with something, rather than the normal nothing.

Verify and Repair volume “Ubuntu”
** Step 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes								  
** Step 2: Checking directory structure										
** Step 3: Checking directory connectivity									 
** Step 4: Checking reference counts										   
** Step 5: Checking group summary information								  
** block bitmap differences:												   
**  +(84742--84743)															
** Free blocks count wrong for group #2 (2, counted=0).						
** Free blocks count wrong (9836721, counted=9836719).						 
** inode bitmap differences:												   
**  +13																		
**  +15																		
** Free inodes count wrong for group #0 (8171, counted=8169).				  
** Directories count wrong for group #0 (6, counted=7).						
** Free inodes count wrong (7655932, counted=7655930).						 
Check finished																 

Any idea why this would happen?

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