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Temperature Monitoring iPC 10.5.6

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i found http://www.bresink.de/osx/HardwareMonitor.html the other day, which seems to run under Hackintosh OSX, but i'm getting a lot of incorrect read-outs for temperatures.


for example:

CPUs are reading 15/16 degrees C. although my processor is a low temperature processor, i know that reading is wrong, that's like 59 degrees Fahrenheit. it runs at about 26/28 degrees C under windows.


my one HD is listed as being 250 degrees C... LOL which means it would be f***ing melting right now. this readout doesn't surprise me though, because i got the same readout under windows with motherboard monitor.


my second HD seems reasonable, it's listed at 40 degrees C.


has anyone used any software sucessfully, to monitor their temperatures, i don't even care about fan control, since my case has all external controls.

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