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Installing iPC 10.5.6 on a pc


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So I tried the install once. It all went fine, but on boot it hangs with the apple with the x - so im assuming i installed the wrong kexts.

Please guide me as to exactly which customisation options to select:


My Pc:

Q9550 processor

Intel DP43TF Motherboard

4GB Corsair XMS2 DHX 800MHz DDR2 Dual Channel Memory Kit

Sapphire Radeon HD4830 - 512MB

Pioneer DVR-216DBK 20x DVDRW

640GB Western Digital Caviar Blue 3.5" Hard Disk Drive

Edimax nMax Wireless 802.11n PCI Card

550W Gigabyte Superb 550P Power Supply

PS2 keyboard






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on boot it claims that firewire is not set, so setting it to "full secure"

then it goes to waiting for root device again.


But like I say - i assume this is because I haven't set the correct kexts

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Ok. I have it up and running. but i can't get wifi working, and without that i can't install any of the needed drivers for anything else. i ran system profiler, and it told me that the wifi is

04:02.0 Network controller [0280]: RaLink Unknown device [1814:0601]


I have an edimax ew -7728in PCI card

I also have a usb swlut-54125, which i could use instead


Any idea how to get either of these working?


Managed to get wifi working. display drivers are my only real problem now. Any ideas. I have an HD 4830. I use dual screens, and if i could get them working, then im a happy boy!




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