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i need some help! i'm sleep deprived! ep45-ud3r two hard drives

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i can'y seem to find a clear explanation on how to fix this...

ok, here's my specs.



4gb ddr 800 ocz gold

320gb sata western digital

500gb sata western digital

Pioneer sata dvdrw

evga 8800gts 640mb


i followed a few tuts on how to install on off the retail dvd so i bought a copy leopard 10.5.4 and download grub dfe. i boot off of grub dfe and put my leopard retail dvd in and install it and everything goes fine. i update to 10.5.6 with no problem either.

i installed the latest chameleon for hard disk and put the kexts from the grub dfe initrd.dmg in the extras folder during the chameleon install menu. i reboot it without grub dfe disc and i when i try to boot of the hard disk i get a kernal panic and have to hard reset. i go back and boot of the grub dfe cd and everything is just fine. i wanted to use the 320gb for apps and stuff and 500gb for storage. am i stuck having to boot off the cd every time? another strange thing is that my hard drives on the desktop have the removal storage looking icons.


any help is very appreciated!! i need this back up and running so i can work.

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