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Cannot setup leopard [black screen], but boots [SOLVED]


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I was able to install OS X 10.5.6 with Ideneb 1.4.


I didn't select any graphics drivers.


I am able to start my machine and see the gray apple screen, but when it goes to the setup screen with the music , the screen turns black.


I've tried -x and "graphics mode"="640x480x16@60" all the way up to 1280x1024x32@60.


Is there a way i can simply USE and setup OS X?


I don't care if i have to use vesa at 1024x768.. I just want to use it.


Edit: System Info

P5b-e Asus

Nvidia 9600GT

2 gigs of ram




ZOMGZ I is so smart - smrt.. I mean SMART.. [not really]


I just reran the Ideneb installer and selected Nvdarwin 512 MB and now all is good! I'm so happy!

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