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Please Help. Evga 680i LT (circle with line)


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Hello everyone.


I am trying to get osx running on my PC. Specs are as follows:


eVGA 680i LT motherboard


Intel E 6750 Core (2) 2.66ghz cpu


8800 gt 512 mb gpu


seagate 250gb Sata HD




I tried using the newest iDeneb with the following settings:


Voodoo Kernel


Sleep Kernel


ALC 885


Nforce ethernet


Dariwn video patch 512


Osxtools for apps




After a successful install, I get the apple logo and then after a minute or so the little circle with a line going through it pops up. I have tried going into my bios and disabling the second core and I have also tried "maxmem=2048 cpus=1" in the boot options.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.



Also, I am using darwin or whatever as my bootmanager, I can select my windows OS's from there, but if I go into my disk manager within vista and set my C:/ as active, will that fix that, so my default boot manager is windows?


I am afraid to do it and lose the ability to boot at all.



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