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3 boot drives (2mac,1PC)

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I'm new to the OS86 World but have been studying the forums with much enthusiasm for the last few days. I'm excited to get started


I'm building a hackintosh from scratch and would like to use the Intel i7 920 Processor. Other than that I have no preferences for additional hardware.



My Only concern is I would like to have the following boot options open to me:


1: Main MAC OSX


2: Secondary MAC OSX (for testing and trouble shooting)


3: Windows XP (for gaming of course :) )



So there would be 3 boot drives in total. I do not have a preference if they are all on different partitions of the same drive or separate drives or even usb drives.


I'm just wondering what is the best way to go about this and is it possible? (I have read that some mother boards don't support multiple booting)


Many thanks



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