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HP NC6320

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Hi Guys,


I've Installed 10.5.6 with the Latest Voodoo Kernel 9.6

Hoping I Could Use 2 Cores I enabled Dual Core in Bios

When i boot up keyboard and Mouse Lockups on the Desktop or sometimes i get kernel panic before it gets to desktop

It Complains about one of the cpus not responding


When i Press Power Button the Shutdown Menu Pops up that means laptop is still Responding

I Decided to unplug the Power Adapter and Suddenly the Mouse and Keyboard Came back to Life


I blame this on Centrino Technology, LoL

Seems that it's trying to be Clever with Power management


So Far


CPU = 1 Core 100%

2 Cores "Buggy"

Audio = OK

LAN = Only with Manual Mac Address on Some networks

Wlan = Got a Dell Wifi Module that Works with HP Laptops Yaaai :)

Bluetooth = OK

FingerPrint = Doesn't Work

Media Card = Doesn't Work

Installed 4GB of RAM and it Actually Works

Haven't Tested PCMCIA "Nothing to plug in"


Anybody got this Laptop or Similar?

Any known Tweaks?



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Hey CyberMacOsX


I had quite the same troubles with my nc6320 using iATKOS v7, plus I was stuck at 1024x768 resolution.

After serveral reinstallations, BIOS adjustments, system tweaks I eventually gave up.

The most annoying was the single core-more with CPU @ 100% and system fan running at it's maximum which was pretty noisy indeed.


Then I installed iATKOS on my business Lenovo T61 and it worked just great! Only the wifi did not.


As a conclusion I would go for a different HW ;)



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