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I need help installing please!?!


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Mac OSX 10.5 Installation help! So I'm a total newbie to Mac OSX, but im a computer technician for PC's. I also know some linux too (maybe my alternate OS experience helps?). I am trying to install Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard i have on my pc box. I also have a retail copy of Tiger 10.4.10 install disc 1. I'm lost as to where to even begin and ANY advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my specs:


Asus a8n32-sli deluxe mobo

amd athlon x2 3800+

3gigs ocz ram

evga nvidia geforce 9800gt

2 x 80gb SATA WD HD's

1 dvd-rom (SATA)

1 dvd-r/rw DL (IDE)



again, thank you!

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