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OS Leopard ver 10.5.4 advice


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Hey guys


Well i got a Dell dimension 5000 and tried installing the ideneb releases of the mac os leopard vers 10.5.4 howevr after the installation faced a still waiting for root ddevice errors. After trying several solutions i still didnt get it working so got the feeling i used the wrong patch settings.


Below are my specs:


Intel pentium 4 processor.

DDR 2 1gb ram.

150 gb hard drive.

Ati radeon x300 graphics card

Soundmax digital Audio card.



Below i have shown pics for exact processor stats:








Any advice on downloading a new leopard version?


What patches chipsets etc shell i select while installation?


IS it possible to install it at all with those specs?


Fix for still waiting for root device that might help?


Thanks guys


I hope some of the experts here can help me out.


have been trying for 3 days with no success.


Appreciate it.







Bytheway the problem of still waiting for root device arises after the installation when i try booting it the 1st time.

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