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chain0 simplicity, or multiboot the easy way

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maybe this is redundant, as i am a complete (f'ing) NEWB....


i have the chain0 file on my main hard drive (more on this below). my windows xp install has the boot file pointing to the xp and to the chain0 file. i can supply photos of whatever you want. choosing the OS X86 option at boot (on the main hard drive) boots my iPC install of 10.5.6 on the slave drive. its like magic. (now, flame away my arrogant arse.)


(as promised above:)


about two or three years ago, or whenever OSX came out on intel hardware, i looked into hacking it onto my PC. it was ancient and AMD based. needless to say, i failed miserably.


i did find a multiboot thingamajig, the chain0 file, and put it onto my hard-drive, hoping to over come limitations, etc.


fast forward to now:


these files and options are still on my my main drive.


i install the iPC install of 10.5.6 and get it all running (a pentium 4 machine, two drives) except quartz extreme (solutions, anyone?) on a slaved hard drive.


i reenable both drives and the multiboot windows screen comes up. for grins, i choose the OSX option. i was planning on manipulating the boot options every time in order to boot OSX. to my surprise and joy, OSX just boots and loads. i can access all my drives and partitions.





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