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Installing on a partition instead of hd?


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My com specs are :






4gb ram


1 seagate 250gb (with windows 7 x64)


1 WD Green 1TB (storage)


I want to install to my partition on the Seagate drive which i did with the 10.5.4 ideneb release , i formatted using journal extended or something , it booted up but it then kept asking me to reboot. I searched around and just got confused , am i doing something wrong?


I have since downloaded the latest 10.5.5 iDeneb , MD5 checks out so i'm gonna install that but before i do , how do i dual boot Win7 and Leopard? Both will be on the Seagate drive , i already partitioned for it. Is there a FAQ or something ? I searched around but i'm not sure if i missed it but i just got more confused.




My system is backed up using ghost , so i can afford to screw up.

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