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OSX installation on LG R400 - some issues


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I am wondering if I can install OS X on my LG R400. I have tried to install iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 before and it got stuck on a gray screen while booting, after I installed it.


I am wondering if someone can point me to a specific modified OS X (like Kalyway or Leo4all) which will work on my laptop, and give me some instructions on how to install it. I really want to install it and try it out before I go an buy one after the release of Snow Leopard.


Here are the hardware and software specs:


- ATI X2300 128MB Mobile Graphic Card

- Intel T2130 CPU 1.86GHz Dual Core/Core2Duo

- 2.5GB RAM

- Windows Vista Ultimate

- DirectX 10

- System Model R400-M233C1

- BIOS: Phoenix TrustedCore NB Release SP1 1.0


Thanks alot.

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Ideally you should boot in Verbose Mode until you have your machine running the way you want. This can be done by using the -v boot-flag. When you start the computer up you will see the Darwin bootloader screen. This screen will count down and by pressing the requested key will give you a prompt to enter these boot-options. Now instead of getting a gray screen with Apple logo, you will get useful information about the boot process and see at which line it hangs on.


Other useful boot-flags are:

-f which will load your kexts (drivers) individually instead of from the cache file.

-x which will boot you into Safe Mode loading only the basics

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Ok, so I tried to do an install on the external HD and I only selected the essential stuff in the customize part and i selected my video driver (ati x2300) and i selected my wifi (atheros ar5007eg). But when I rebooted after the successful install screen it got stuck on the apple loading screen for a very long time and never progressed. Please help. This is all in iDeneb v1.4. I didnt select a kernel either (there were 4 options: sleep, voodoo, speedstep and one other, not vanilla) nor a chipset, didnt know which one to choose.



Thanks :)

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