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Have problem after installation of IATKOSv5i


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I have installed Iatkos v5i in my laptop which is compaq C500 and its a basic entry level model has 1GB(RAM) module with 80GB HDD(SATA).


Hope this OSx supports my model.


everything goes fine with installation and even with disk partition.

But i can't get to boot os x beyond darwin boot and after apple logo screen.

all it asks for was to restart the OS.

tried -s,-v and ? mode and nothing i can do.


I have more than 3-4 tutorials on various build like Iatkos,kallyway,JAs,and ideneb.


but can't be able to get past the apple logo.


this was been under constant trials and errors process for the past 1 yr.

first started out in tiger osx of kalyways version.

now i need to either have it install as single os or dual boot.

right now it has vista ultimate (single boot).


anyhelp would be highly appreciated.



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thanks for fast reply.


but how do i select the right kernel and smbios.I don't have any idea about those kernels


and also what is kext ?

i'm totally new to this kind of computing langy.


please help


thanks once again.



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