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Gigabyte P35 DS3R iPC 10.5.6 Live Installation


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10 steps plus

Gigabyte P35 DS3R OSX Install with iPC 10.5.6 DL DVD

Find iPC 10.5.6 DL DVD Live and download it and burn to a DL DVD and then restart your PC with it in your main DVD-r drive. Once the darwin boot screen apprers press f8 and type -V this will help you determine what to select if anything else on your customization screen during install which would be additional to the ones listed below.


1.PC 10.5.6 Base is pre selected leave it selected

2.Kenel= None

3.Video=NVinject 0.2.1 256mb (to enable QE search for NVinject .52 on the web and install utilizing vanilla. )Enable QEGL with OSX tools after install).

3.Chipset= Intel Ichx SATA

4.JMicronATA for JMicron IDE

4.Audio= ALC889a (After install go to system prefs and clisk sound and switch output to the top selection to enable the sound).


6.Fixes=IntelCPUMDisabler,Patched USB Drivers, Dual Boot Time Sync for Dual Boot, and Shutdown/Restart fix

7.Alternate disablers=None

8.DSDT patch=DSDT with New Hpet.

9.NO ALTERNATE BOOT LOADER SELECTED (unless you want one)(I selected the one with the custom boot picture)

10.SMBIOS-27 Rev3 (whatever your ram Mhz are at).(Mine 1200 Mhz).(I selected Mac pro).

11.APPS=Kext Helper,OSX tools and NTFS 3g+Macfuse and any other apps you want.

12.Install and restart when finished, you will be able to update with system updates once restarted go to system updates and download all of the updates, (make sure that you don't download any Mac OSX 10.5.7 or above, until you research the compatiabilty for that update correlated to your system or it could make you system unusable).



Bios Everything is on except S.M.A.R.T.



Intel Quad 9650 OC to 4.6 Ghz on Water

DDR2 1066 Mhz 8 gb OC to 1200 Mhz

1000 watt PS

Antec case

Sata Everything

2xNavida 8600gt 512MB

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