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Radeon HD 3870 w/ strange CPU usage issue?


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Hey... I apologize but mis-posted this in the Post-Installation, so forgive the double post here.


Just switched from an nVidia 8800GT to an ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB. The 8800GT had issues with horizontal tearing.


Anyway, now that I have the new card in and the old card out, mostly everything works perfectly except for one thing... When I open up preference windows dealing with video, the WindowServer process goes nuts and uses upwards of 90% or more of one core of my Intel Core 2 Duo.


I've got a screenshot of the thing in action, showing two similar preference/settings windows, one dealing with audio, the other video. See how WindowServer goes nuts?










Here's a screenshot of the relevant info for my card.




No other problems with the card that I've noticed, seems to work great, everything reports that it's working fine. Installed all the OS updates except for the final FCP update.


Anyone able to give me some ideas here? I've installed the card using OSX86Tools and also tried downloading and using:


ATI Radeon HD 3800 pcie Series 10.5.6 -10.5.dmg


Both seemed to work fine, neither seems to have impacted the other. Had the problem since I first put the card in. It shows up in Final Cut Pro when using just about any preferences window. Causes noticeable slowdown.


I'd really appreciate some advice or help, or even someone else who experiences this just letting me know that I'm not alone!

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Figured it out. A freak coincidence, had nothing to do with my graphics card.


I happened to load up Gimp, a popular X11-based graphics program. Well X11 stayed resident even after reboots and whatnot, and killing it with a Force Quit solved the problem.

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