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Leo4all Installation


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I've been having trouble formating a partition for leo4all v4.1 + ppf 1 i can get all the way to choosing an install drive blah blah... when i go to format the partition to HFS+ it starts and says prepairing, i can hear the disc spining, it will stop then start again, only to crash to several large purple/white lines across the screen.


My Specs:


HP Pavilion dv 2845se


Western Digital 250gb HDD [78gb M$, 78gb Ubuntu, 78gb unused]


MCP67 Chipset


2.1ghz AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-62


4gb DDR2 RAM [2x 2048]


nVidia 7150M/630M


Conexant HD Audio


Broadcom Wifi


Also is it possible to take a KEXT [i think thats right?] and move it from one DVD to the other or patch some other OSX86 distro to work? i have Kalyway 10.5.2, iPC 10.5.6, leo4all v4.1 ppf1. i realize that i have the imfamous MCP67 chipset and thats why i got leo4all. also i did notice that the DVD wont let me mount any of the partitions, even the empty one. 

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