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Need help!


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well, im not a complete noob. i know some of the terms )


so here is my problem:


I have my bios settings to AHCI or something like that and then i runf boot 132, it gets me to the darwin screen and i put in my legit mac osx 10.5.6. then i wait and hit enter. type in ed and it gets me ro the gray apple logo. from tehre it takes me to the space wallpaper and the spinning colorful wheel. but it is stuck there. the wheel is spinning buti cant move it.. any suggestion?


Hp m9428f

Intel Core 2 Quad 6600

6 GB DDR2 Ram


Nvidia 9300 GE (crappy card, i know)

and 2 partitions on 1 hdd


any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance

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