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OSX on my laptop


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Could somebody please tell me if it is possible to Hackintosh my laptop. I've tried before last year using iATkos r2, but didn't really know what I was doing and now I'm looking to replace it so I'll try again...


I managed to install last time but when booting it came up with something like 'boot.plist error'.


I've tried searching for my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v2055) but haven't managed to find anything.


The specs are:

Intel Celeron M @ 1.73GHz

512mb RAM (I'l upgrade if needed)

60GB Hard Drive

Via/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP 64mb (No idea if it's supported but with iATkos I could see the install screen...)

Realtek AC97 Audio

Optiarc DVDRW

PS/2 Touchpad and Keyboard

Atheros 5005G Wireless



I just found a page with details on aswell: http://www0.dealtime.co.uk/xPF-Fujitsu-Sie...56-15-4-CMB-XPH


Soo.. Any ideas if its compatible? And how to install?


Thanks ;)

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I'm not too bothered about the network...


Are you sure the graphics aren't supported? The install DVD for iATkos did display or that done differently?


This mainly to try and run the iPhone Dev Kit as my G4 Sawtooth PPC doesn't natively run it, and I hoped to have an Intel machine...


Thanks anyway...

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