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10.4.1 HP ze5600


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Well, I have a problem. I've got a D-Link Airplus G650+ (B1) which I have found out that it's based on an Atheros chip, and I'm wondering how to make this work under 10.4.1, since it doesn't seem like the IO80211Family.kext is even included in 10.4.1? I can't load it, anyway, so I'm wondering what to do. The version I'm running is keeping me from using software update, so I can't do that either (I was thinking that maybe I could update using a backup/restore script, but I don't know if this would change anything). The reason I'm using 10.4.1 is because I don't know of any other version that can use the command "platform=x86pc" and I need this to even boot the DVD, something about my ACPI-controller I believe. So I just want to know if there's anything I can do with my current install or any other distribution that would work better, or whatever, I just want it to work. It's practically useless without the wireless network working. And of course, there are lots of applications I can't use on 10.4.1, but maybe I could just use a version changer for that? Or would it still not work?






System is a Celeron SSE2 CPU, Ati northbridge, ali southbridge, radeon IGP 345M

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